Dating: Gender Roles

I am independent in that I am as resourceful as the sky is blue (or grey depending on the day), and I enjoy providing for myself. I don't fit the bill of the conventional woman - I don't cook and I'm not secretly planning my wedding without even having a fiance nor am I longing for motherhood.

Do I want to be spoiled within reason and according to his/our budget? Absolutely!
But I also want to spoil him!

What the dude is saying doesn't infuriate me one bit. He's old school and that is how things used to be done. 
Keywords: used to be. As in passed tense.

He's not saying he expects his woman to be a stay-at-home maid, mother and sex slave. He's saying that he wants to wine and dine his lady and I genuinely see nothing wrong with that.

Sound off: Is his take too old school for your liking?

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Will Smith & the #OscarsSoWhite Boycott

Will Smith: Is he being hypocritical, bitter because he didn't earn an Oscar nod, or has he simply changed his mind about discrimination in Hollywood?

I recall watching GMA a few months back when I heard a story about Will Smith saying that Hollywood isn't exactly racist. He insisted that racism and prejudice are often mistaken for one another, and said that although he lives with constant prejudice, racism in Hollywood is a rarity.

The reality is that racism exists everywhere. It's not something that can be compartmentalized in one aspect of life (personal), but not in another (professional).

Racism is real, and Hollywood is not exempt from discrimination.

Based on recent Smith interviews I'm left to wonder if this whole boycott is a matter of the rare racism he faces, or a bitter dose of reality - something less famed black actors deal with more regularly.

According to Wendy Williams, winning an Oscar has got a lot to do with 'campaigning' so I can't help but think that Smith was 'campaigning' during his November 2015 interview and now that campaign season is over, it's bitter boycott season.

As I searched for the original story, I came across this video of Janet Hubert, also known as Dark-Skinned Aunt Viv, summing up my thoughts on the matter. Y'all can call her bitter if you want to, but she's speaking the truth! Watch the 4 minute video below then tell me what you think.

Do you think the Smith's would be in attendance had Will made the list of nominees?

Affluenza: Real Life Rich People Problems

Five things I especially hate about the 'Affluenza' story.

1. Four people tragically died at the irresponsible and seemingly unapologetic hands of an underage, drunk driver named Ethan Couch.

2. Due simply to the fact that he is rich, Ethan got off without having to serve any jail time despite his negligence and guilt.

3. He and his mom fled the country when they presumably realized that he would come under fire for possibly violating his probation in being filmed alongside an active game of beer pong.

4. Affluenza itself. The term has been used to refer to the inability to understand the consequences of one's actions because of financial privilege. (Definition by Wikipedia.) What a joke!

5. Justice has yet to be served.